Our goal is to improve your health using mother nature, without damaging it in the process, which is why sustainability matters.

What we’re doing:

  • Glass bottles- For our drink subscriptions, we deliver glass bottles full of goodness, unfortunately we can no longer collect and re-use them→ please recycle them
  • If you see our products in plastic, there’s more to it than meets the eye→ for our plastic bottles & snack pouches, we use biodegradable plastic and for our functional protein ball pots, we use plant-based plastic.
  • Food waste– our goal is to minimise food waste, we make our products to order and we’re looking to start a community based project with our juice pulp, be it donating it to a homeless centre to make soup, or turning it into compost and donating it to the community, to encourage people to plant their own veg. We want to do something positive but are yet to formulate the plan, so please get in touch with any ideas you may have!
  • Solar powered production facility– does what it says on the tin, we use solar power for our production facility.
  • Organic veggies– we asked you and we listened. When we started we offered both organic and non-organic products. The vast majority of you found the price-point of organic prohibitive. We don’t want health to be unobtainable, so we settled on a compromise, any ingredient we use in our recipes that’s on the dirty dozen list, is bought organic and everything else, to keep the cost lower, isn’t.