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Happiness Transformation has been created to redefine what is perceived as healthiness. Being actually healthy can hugely positively impact your quality of life, far beyond just looking good and doesn’t need to be that complex.

Everyone is on a journey and I am setting out to educate people on the choices they could be making, to be the best version of themselves, based on my experiences and learning.

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FOR WHEN YOU NEED TO RESET Tailored cold pressed juice cleanses

FOR DAY-TO-DAY POSITIVE LIVING Functional snack & juice delivery service

My Happiness Transformation

About Aoife Morrin:

Aoife Morrin is the founder of Happiness Transformation and a passionate advocate for advancing healthy living. Her goal is to educate people so that they make healthier choices to be the best version of themselves, based on her experience and learning.


My Happiness Transformation:

I have spent my career to date working in IT, which has been great as it helped me support myself, travel, and develop my overall business understanding, but isn’t my passion. I am a self-professed health and fitness geek.

My relationship with nutrition and fitness evolved a lot in the past ten years. I first got into exercise when I realized I could no longer eat whatever I wanted and stay in shape, however, now I fully embrace and appreciate the fundamental link the right lifestyle can have on your overall wellbeing.

My yoga practice first introduced me to mindfulness meditation, which positively boosted my moods and stress levels. My love for yoga led me to India, where I qualified as a yoga instructor. I occasionally teach 1-2-1 yoga classes but mainly use the experience to deepen my own practice. I’ve competed in boxing and am part of the Ricky Hatton Boxing Academy, and recently got into Sprint Triathlons. I’m also an avid cook and love creating delicious, nutritious food.

How I got into nutrition:

Seven years ago I had an appendectomy, and subsequently my digestive function was not the same; I ended up with severe IBS. As someone who was into exercise and loved food, it was tough to know what to eat to maintain my energy levels and performance. I saw a gastroenterologist, numerous dieticians and nutritionists and no one could quite get to the bottom of what was happening. Ever since, I’ve been experimenting and educating myself on nutrition.

I then studied Functional Nutrition to learm more about how to make food work for you to achieve optimal health.

Why I Created HappinessTransformation:

I see a lot of press, heavily focused on diets and workouts to bulk up or look good in a bikini, but very little focusing on things like improved sleep and energy levels, gut health, and concentration. In my opinion, these things are far more likely to affect our day-to-day quality of life, and therefore should be the focal point. Having addressed many of my own health issues through nutrition, I now feel compelled to share my experiences and help educate others. I’m keen to be part of, and drive the wellbeing movement in Bucks so that others can realise the power a healthy lifestyle and the right kind of nutrition can have, beyond just the physical.