Creating sustainable healthy habits, by delivering personalised functional drinks & snacks to your door. Available in & around Bucks.


Life is all about balance. Sometimes I find myself out of balance. Work and family and fun get in the way! Occasionally I need to really kick my diet and attitude to eating back  into gear. That’s when I call HT. A few days of juicing resets my inner wellbeing and my mental attitude to food. Juicing stops my evening craving for ice cream and chocolate, supports a healthy gut and digestive system and my tummy feels flat.  The quality and quantity of juices and delicious mylks leave me feeling satisfied and not wanting more.  Balance returns.

“While I think about it, aside from feeling more in touch with my body and lighter, I’ve had a couple of friends comment on my skin which I hadn’t anticipated but does look sooo much better. Also I’ll be so much more confident going into another cleanse which I would love to book in for after Xmas.”

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